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Watara Supervision

Watara Supervision

Introducing a nostalgic masterpiece reimagined: Our CGI tribute to the iconic Watara Supervision. This digital artwork melds the retro charm of the 1992 handheld console with a modern, edgy twist. Encased in hardcore chrome tribals and enveloped by dark, enigmatic elements, this piece pays homage to the classic device while infusing it with a bold, contemporary aesthetic. Explore the blend of past and present, where vintage gaming nostalgia meets cutting-edge 3D design. Dive into this visual journey and experience the Watara Supervision like never before.



Recently, we had the privilege of working on the design and development of a website for the acclaimed artist Wynnie Mynerva. This project presented an exciting challenge: adapting the digital platform to Wynnie’s sophisticated and demanding stylistic needs, achieving a perfect harmony between functionality and minimalist aesthetics.

From the outset, we understood that the website needed to reflect the essence and creative spirit of Wynnie Mynerva. Her art, known for its depth and originality, required a digital space that was not only a visual showcase but also an immersive experience for visitors. Thus, we embarked on a meticulous search for the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, ensuring that every element of the design enhanced Wynnie’s artistic presence.

Creating this website, without resorting to programming, involved an innovative approach and rigorous attention to detail. We carefully selected each visual and functional component, ensuring that the minimalist design did not sacrifice usability. The result was an intuitive interface that allows users to explore Wynnie’s work in a seamless and immersive manner.

This project not only tested our creative skills but also reaffirmed our commitment to excellence in web design. Collaboration with Wynnie Mynerva has been an enriching experience, demonstrating that it is possible to combine visual simplicity with robust functionality, creating a final product that meets the highest expectations of quality and style.

If you are looking for a personalized and aesthetically refined approach to your online presence, we invite you to explore our creative and Web Design Services. We are here to turn your ideas into digital realities that stand out and endure.

Fuse New Lettering

Creating futuristic lettering for streetwear brand Fuse involves blending modern design elements with a forward-thinking aesthetic. Start by choosing sleek, angular fonts or custom typefaces that convey a sense of innovation. Integrating geometric shapes or abstract lines can also enhance the modern feel. Ensure the lettering is bold and easily readable to maintain impact and brand recognition.